Crosslinking Wire 1

Function : Brand : Type : Color : Unit : meter

Irradiation cable application field :

Automobile, Ship, train, aviaiton, and household appliccance.

Characteristics of Radiation Crosslinking:

1. Solder resistance: Sample wires are immersed into a 250°C solder bath for 1min. Irradiated polyethlene cable does not melt and keeps its shape. 

2. Deformation property: Sample wires are corssed and heated at 200°C under 4 kg weight for 10min. Irradiated PVC does not deform. 

3. Solvent Resistance: PVC immersed into methlyethylketone at room temperature for 24 hours. Irradiated PVC does not dissolve with this solvent. 

4. Over current property: PVC insulted wires are charged with 100A of electric current for 5 minutes. The non-corsslinked PVC melts down, but irradiated PVC does not melt and keep its shape. 

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